2007. július 22., vasárnap


Before I turn back into Hungarian for the following week, I would like to summarize several achivements we had this Summer, through the grace of God.

1. The Chapel in Gornesti is surely, a great achivement. I remember, when we purchased the land, we were wondering if we will be able to build a Chapel there, because the land was very narrow (9.70 meters). The size of a Standard Chapel is 8 meters x 12 meters. Yes, we were able to build that building! It is now standing, for the glory of God!

All the papers (for the land and for the building) were done on my name, but we will „change the destination” of the whole property, transferring the title deed to the Hungarian Baptist Church of Gornesti, which is already a registered church.

However, we have other prayer concerns at this time... Miklos Vajda, the elder of the church in Gornesti had an accident. (He is in the back row, in the middle, with a hat.)

Two pastors, Attila Toth and Jakab Sallai together with Miklos Vajda were going with a cart (chariot?), drown by a horse, to bring some materials to the new chapel. The horse was disturbed by a truck, and begun to run, loosing all control... The cart was hit to an electrical pylon, and Miklos felt between the cart and the horse! Because his leg got stuck into the front of the cart, he didn’t fell off, but was drawn by the horse about 30-40 more meters, where the cart hit another (electrical) pylon! In this moment Miklos felt down, and was left there. Jakab Sallai jumped off immediately, to try to help him. Attila Toth tried to stop the horses, and he did this after they run through three other streets... In his Blog, Attila is writing [in Hungarian]
(http://gipsey777.blogspot.com/2007_07_14_archive.html), that the situation was so serious, that he thought, when he will return, may find Miklos already dead... It didn’t happen so! Through the grace of God, he didn't die. His femoral bone was broken in two places, and he was already operated succesfully, recovering in the Hospital. Please, pray for him, for his quck healing! We miss his enthusiasm and dedication very much in the mission work! We cannot understand everything, whay happens to us, but we give praise to the Lord in every situation.

2. We consider as another great result, the baptismal services we had this year. We had one in January, in Chibed (9 candidates), mostly Gipsies; one in Mai, in Magherani (5 candidates), and one today, in Targu Mures (4 candidates).
See the picture of the candidates for Baptism in Magherani, May 20, 2007:

Baptism in Targu Mures, July 22, 2007 (today):

At the invitation today, nine people came forward, dedicating their life to the Lord! We praise the Lord for continuing to work among us! We are especially thankful, that three of the new members who were baptized today, will be members in Targu Mures. One, who came forward is also living in Targu Mures. Please pray for them, especially for his girlfriend, who is a member of a Seventh Day Adentist church! We will start the preparation for baptism (katechism), for both of them, this Friday, at 17:30.
The people who were baptized today, are as follows:
Efraim Doczi, the son of pastor Gyorgy Doczi

Marina Anca, a women who after a long search, found new life in the Lord

Zoltan Kalanyos, from Gornesti (where Attila is the pastor). His parents, grandmother, brother and sister, came forward today, and we prayed together, taking the first step into the narrow gate!

Edit Szabo, a girl from Targu Mures, who came to know Christ through her coleagues from the University.

Thank you for your prayers! May the Lord continue to work among us, for His glory!

Blog in ENGLISH as well

Once a week, hopefully on Saturday, I am planning to write in English in my Blog. The aim of this is to inform and share the things related with our ministry and life, and try to communicate items for prayer. Surey, this is for those, who don't know Hungarian, but are interested to know what is going on with us, to be able to pray for us more intelligently.

I hope you will excuse my Hungarian-English, and you will not be stopped to understand the essence of my writing.

So, let's begin!

We just finished the third Camping-week for children.

We had the first week in Praid, about 60 km from here, where we rented a house, which belongs to Brethren brothers. The house was rented, and all the rest had to be provided by us. This was not easy, especially for those, who worked in the kitchen. The children were coming mostly from Gipsy background, from Sangeorgiu de Padure, Viforoasa, Fantanele, Calimanesti and Balauseri. These were the children where pastor János Tőtős is planting the churches.

The second week we had at Harghita Christian Camp, mostly for Hungarian children, where we had all the necessary facilities for camping. The teachers were of the best quality, what we had in the last eight years! Working with the children here was a real pleasure, seeing their interest and dedication.

The third group was an extreem one: 40 Gipsy children from Apalina! We took them to Valea Moasei, near Sibiu. Two houses were provided for free, and we got help also in providing the food for them. But we had to hire a bus to take us there. These children were never taken to such a place, for such a program and discipline! We tried to do our best, especially Attila Tóth the pastor in Reghin (and Apalina). It was not easy, but we had some success... More than that, we are planning to take the fourth group of Gipsy children to this camp, in August.

Tomorrow we are going to have a baptismal service (the third this year): three candidates from Targu Mures, and one from Gornesti are going to be baptized.