2009. július 24., péntek

My Family - by the grace of God

This week we visited Targu Mures, the city where I served almost nine beautiful years. I visited Bro. János Tőtős in Sangeorgiu de Padure also.
Johanna is already in Harghita, at the teenager's camp - having serious ministry, day and night... Tábita and Mírjám remained in Targu Mures, to join us on Monday, when we all go to Harghita. We will lead the Youth Camp, when the main teaching will be about the way of holiness. This week I started a new radio program, a weekly 30 minutes in Radio Unison, Zalau. Thank you for praying for these messages broadcasted weekly in Cluj, Sibiu and Zalau!
Let me show you here some pictures about my family. First, let me remember here my dear parents who are already with the Lord. They were simple and steadfast, faithful believers:

We had a couple of special days this Summer, which were spent only with my family members. With Márta, my wife:
With Johanna:
With Tábita:
and with Mírjám:
“…That our daughters may be as pillars, sculptured in palace style…; that there be no breaking in or going out; that there be no outcry in our streets. Happy are the people who are in such a state; happy are the people whose God is the LORD! (Psalm 144:12. 14-15.)