2007. december 30., vasárnap

Last Sunday of 2007

This is the last Sunday of the Year.

During Christmas we were travelling between Targu Mures and Pericei. I had the occasion to preach a lot of sermons, in a number of locations. I travelled together with my family, a part of my family, or alone...

As you already know, for more than eight years now, we were living and working with the Hungarian Baptist Church in Targu Mures. I was invited by this church at Spring of 1999. During this eight and half years the Lord has richly blessed our congregation with healing and growth. It has also been a base from which we were involved in a considerable church-planting venture throughout Mures County. 194 new members were baptized, and more than 16 new churches were started. About these I am going to tell you more later.

It is now evident that the time has come for us to move on. During the summer I was asked by both the members of the Baptist Church in Pericei and Varsolt, and the leaders of the Convention to consider moving to Pericei. In Pericei there is a very large church (320 members) which has no pastor and is passing through a time of considerable crisis. After much prayerful consideration the decision has been made to move to Pericei and this is likely to take place in February, 2008. We will of course continue to serve the churches through the radio ministry, teaching at the seminaries, and as vice-President of Missions with the denomination. We are also planning to continue to serve, in different way, the mission work in Mures County and the whole Szeklerland: training church workers in Szeklerland Bible School, training Sunday School teachers in different intensive sessions in 2008, and in helping the Summer Campings of the children and the young people. In some villages new bildings are going to be built, or to finalize the ones we already built.

I am going to change my e-mail address beginning with January 2008 to: iborzasi@gmail.com
Please, make the necessary corrections in your address list NOW!

We need your prayers for a smooth move, for a good weather, for the good change of schools for Tábita and Mírjám, for the diminuation of the "cultural shock", for a quick integration in this new environment, but most of all, for an improvement of the spiritual life and mission work in that area.

May the Lord be gracious to us!