2008. február 12., kedd

Good Bye! - Welcome!

Two important services were in Targu Mures and Pericei yesterday and two weeks ago. On 27th January we had a baptismal service and a last service of my pastoral ministry there. Leaving the city on Friday night (1st February) there were fireworks at the edge of the city! This was timed so well (by God!), that started exactly when we came out from the city, and lasts for about 15 minutes! It was wonderful.

Arriving to Pericei, at about 1 o'clock after midnight, most of the church members welcomed us with a tort, having four firework in its corners... It was wonderful!

Immediately after our arrival we started an evangelistic week. The church was full, with about 450 people each night. Several people got converted, and confessed their repentance and faith during this week.

Yesterday there was my induction service. About 900 people were gathered from all ove the world.

Many listeners didn't have a seat, so they had to stand during the whole long service. The morning service lasts four hours, from 9 o'clock am. until 1 o'clock pm.

With lunch and supper, about 1500 people got satisfied with the staffed cabbage we made... It was delicious. The whole day was richly blessed by the Lord. During the afternoon service all the pastors (from neighborhood churches) had a short (or long!) greeting...

Brother József Both preached in the afternoon, who came home from Hungary, being a former pastor of this church. Me and my family was much honoured by the presence and speeches of many pastors and guests: Stan and Barbara Braybrook from England, the reformed pastor, the ortodox priest, the mayor (Csaba Boncidai), an MP of the Hungarian Party (Dénes Seres), almost all the coleagues from Mures and Salaj Counties.

We, the five Borzasi Brothers made also a photo together. I was happy that they came, together with their family members.

Here is me, with all the ladies of my family. Praise the Lord!
Thank you for all who prayed for these days! God is answering prayers!
Tomorrow morning I go to Prague with István Gergely, the president of our Convention. We will try to write our dissertations there... I have to submit that in May. Please, pray for us!