2007. október 21., vasárnap

Teaching and (too) much travel

This past week was characterized by teaching: at Emanuel University and at our Seminary in Oradea.
Monday we had an Executive Meeting. In our discussion about the Seminary building we agreed about the necessity of having a common, unanimous agreement... The divergent views are hindering the way to accomplishing this vision.
Tuesday: teaching at Emanuel University.
Wednesday - I went to Timisoara to another mission-meeting, where we prepared a larger evangelistic campaign, for 4-6 July, 2008. I met some of the leaders of the Timisoara Hungarian Baptist Church, and Gergely Vass, the vicepresident for communications was with me. He is pastor in Arad.
Wednesday evening I came home to Targu Mures.
Thursday I took my car to be repaired. Than I went again to Oradea, on Friday. Our girls, Mirjám and Tábita are also in Oradea, at a Youth Leader Course. Johanna came to be home for this weekend.
We have as gusets Floyd (and Bonnie) Parker, who was preaching several nights in Reghin. Tomorrow morning he will be here, in Targu Mures. Floyd is leading "Teleios Ministry", which is "helping God given visions to became present-day realities" (http://teleiosministry.org/). He is visiting Romania each year.
A mother with his two sons are also our guests: she came to visit her son, who is in School here.
Last week I started to work on my doctoral dissertation: A textual and theologycal analysis of the texts related with the rule of David - 2Samuel and 1Kings 1-2.