2008. január 26., szombat


Great joy here: tomorrow will be the largest baptism we had during the last nine years. 19 people will be baptized.
About 70 people are coming from Pericei with two buses: the whole choir and brassband. Another bus brings the Gipsies from Apalina, and another from Ocna de Sus and Ghindari. Many others will come from Magherani, Sangeorgiu de Padure, Idrifaia, and Iernut... We are going to have a common meal together, and continue with the afternoon service at 15:00 o'clock. So, we are excited!
Yesterday we had the pastoral Conference in Zalau. A large majority of the pastors would consider better to have the Seminary and the Headquarters of the Convention in the same city. But a little majority of the pastors don't want to move the Headquarters of the Convention from Oradea to Cluj... Shortly this is the summary of our discussions. The proposal will be taken to the Congress in March, for a decision.