2008. január 12., szombat

Important activities

From last Sunday morning until Thursday evening I was away from home: Sunday I preached in Pericei. Monday-Tuesday I taught in Oradea at the Seminaries.

Wednesday and Thursday we were working on the Songbook for funeral services and on the new edition of the smaller sized church hymnal (The voices of faith).

Friday evening I was in Magherani, preaching at an evangelistic service. The new church bulding was full!

Tomorrow I will be home, preaching during the morning service in Targu Mures, followed by a so called "business meeting": finances and future projects will be discussed with the church members, and the reports will be presented. For this year the main headacke is that we have to change the heating system of the church! (The old one is not acceptable for European standars...) In the afternoon I will preach in Gornesti, and in the evening in Reghin. (Farewell services?...)

Next week, on Monday we will be together in Harghita Christian Camp with all the pastors of the churches in Szeklerland. I have to deliver the introduction to the discussion called: "How we prepare the evangelism in our churches?" Usually we have this time evangelistic services in most of our churches, until Easter. The Winter is the Summer for the soul.

Tuesday I will be in Oradea at the meeting of the Executive. Among other things we will prepare the Conference for the pastors (25th January) when we will discuss the project of the future building for the Seminary.

Wednesday and Thursday I will preach in Targu Mures at evangeslistic services.

Friday - teaching in Szeklerland Bible School.

Only Saturday will be available to prepare for Sunday. Because next Sunday I will be again in Pericei: after the morning service we are going to elect a new leadership for the church.

Please pray for these important activities!