2007. augusztus 25., szombat


Saturday again, and I will write this note in English.
For a week I was gone for a short holiday, together with my family. It was wonderful! (And I am happy, that I could write most my last paper before my dissertation, related with the historical documents of David's reign...)
So, yesterday, late, we arrived home again, and today we will have the wedding of Sándor S. Kelemen, the pastor of the church in Bistiţa (Ţigău and Fântânele BN), with Andrea Tánczos. The wedding will be here, at our church, and the feast in the upper room of the church. This is because Sándor was converted here, he was sent to the Seminary by our church, and both have unconverted parents and relatives... We decided to help them organising this event.
Brother Ernest Veress, senior, is going to preach, and our Choir will sing.
At 3 o'clock, pm. Daniel Webber is going to arrive, hopefully. Daniel is the director of European Missinoary Fellowship and its School of Biblical Studies. He will be preaching tomorrow here and at Sangeorgiu de Padure (baptismal service), and next week at the Conference for Pastors in Hargita Christian Camp. Then, he will visit Pál, and the churches around Crasna.
Pál, my brother, is already at home, recovering after his accident. But his recovery is very slow! Please, continue to pray for him, and for his family!