2009. január 18., vasárnap

Funeral service of Boncidai János

Last weekend I was teaching at Harghita Bible School. I traveled with a Polo, since my car suffered an accident a week earlier!... (I slipped on an icy road in the mountains, and hit the front of the car, causing serious damages. No injuries.)

Today we had the funeral service of a 37 years old husband, and father of two children. Both children, Evódia and Márk are enrolled in my music classes. The father suffered a stroke, and entered in a deep coma for two days, before he died. The grief is very great. It seemed that the whole village came to the funeral service, both in the courtyard of the house, and in the graveyard. Please, pray for the gieved family!

Here are some of the pictures of this sad event:
The widow, Irma, with the two children, Evódia and Márk: Lining up to go to the graveyard:
Half of the people in the graveyard, with our village, Pericei, in the background:
I felt my preaching at the house and in the graveyard as a small echo of the event's powerful message: