2008. február 23., szombat

Home, sweet home

I came home today, from Prague. That's about 1000 km.
I was in Prague at the International Baptist Theological Seminary fot two weeks, together with István Gergely, our president. We used the Library, and all the resources to write our dissertations. I just started, but I made significant progress. There is now a quite clear outline, and most of the material is gathered.
So, we are back home, to "normal" life: boxes, meeting and preachings...
Tomorrow, beside the regular services I will preach in Panic also, at an evangelistic service.
I hope, next week I will be able to set up all the books in my office. And make clean here.
Tonight, an hour later after my arrival, we had a youth meeting. Every Saturday evening: a young people's meeting. Please pray for these!