2009. október 24., szombat

Pastor's Conference and Teaching

A new Pastor's Conference was organized last week, for all the Hungarian Baptist Pastors in the World. So, many coleagues arrived from America, Ukraine, Slovakia, Serbia, and especially from Hungary and Romania. From Monday afternoon until Wednesday afternoon we were together in Baile Felix, near Oradea. I had the closing sermon, related with the general topic of the Conference, "Partners in the ministry", peaching about Timothy and Epafroditus.

At Emanuel University I also had to teach two days, Tuesday and Wednesday, morning and afternoon. The National Accreditation Committee checked the institution, after five years of its accreditation.
Next week we are going to have a Council meeting with the representatives of the Romanian Union, on Wednesday, in Comanesti, Moldova. Thursday: teaching at our own Seminary.
Thank you for your prayers!