2009. május 23., szombat

Visit of David Greenaway and Richard Stewart

I had as guests pastor David Greenaway from Pathhead Baptist Church, Scotland (near Edinburgh). We visited several churches here in Salaj and in Mures. David preached in Pericei, Varsolt, Zalau, Crasna, Sangeorgiu de Padure, Gornesti and Apalina. Also, we had a visit to the Headquarters of Child Evangelism Fellowship, and a short visit to Adrianu Mare as well. The Lord blessed us with the ministry of our Brothers from abroad. Here are several pictures about these fruitful meetings:
In front of our house:

With Pál's family in Simleu Silvaniei:

Preaching in Varsolt:

Last Saturday we visited the Headquarters of Child Evangelism Fellowship in Sibiu. Linda Corry was a fellow classmate of David Greenaway in the Seminary:

With János Tőtős in Sangeorgiu de Padure:

Living water at the house of Győrfi Elek in Adrianu Mare:

Meeting at the house of Kalányos Zozó in Gornesti:

Meeting in Apalina, where we are planning to buy a piece of land for a Chapel:

Tomorrow (Sunday) I am going to preach in Crasna, where Miklós Dimény will be ordained as an elder of the local church. Last week we were welcomed in there home as well. Thank you for your prayers!