2007. október 13., szombat

Before Sunday

We had a full week, with many events...
Let me begin with the last one: today the Hungarian Baptist Women's Association had their elective Conference in Cluj. So, several women from each churches, from Mures County, went to be there as delegates. Some of the young people also went for a Youth meeting to Sacuieni (Bihor). They will return Sunday night.
On Friday we expected the arrival of Cammid Arrendell, from Texas, who is going to teach at the Seminary beginning with Monday, New Testament Exegesis. He didn't arrived with the right plane... So, I went to pick him up from Cluj, late evening. We will be together tomorrow, and we will go to Oradea together to teach.
On Thursday I was busy with repairing and registering a car for my wife, Márta...
I had several good (and hopefuly fruitful) discussions with diffreent individuals (members and friends) from our church. I had the opportunity to take part in a Parent's Meeting, where Tabita goes to School. (Usually this is Márta's business...) It was interesting. Sztán Zsuzsanna, a Gispy lady from our church was operated, and her left leg was amputated. I gave her a pair of cruthes. Earlier we borrowed a wheelachair for her from Hargita Camp. Please pray for her recovery, and mumerous family members!
I am very happy for the digital recorder I received from my guest, Cammid! This will make much more easier the recordings of my sermons, necessary for the Radio programs and cassette ministry! The quality of the sound is perfect! (This was a vary important characteristic.) It is even more wonderful, than what I was dreaming for!

We are going to have two Thanksgiving services tomorrow afternoon. (In the morning we will be home.) At 15:00 we will be in Idrifaia, and at 17:00 in Sangeorgiu de Padure. Here is the church building in Idrifaia. In the back yard we are preparing and extending a pastoral house for a future pastor... Please, pray for the victory of the Gospel in this area, especially in Idrifaia and Bahnea!
I wonder if these notes in English in my Blog is helpful for anybody?... Please, drop a comment, if you think so.