2007. augusztus 13., hétfő

Birthday and other visits

Last weekend we visited the only living grandfather (Erdei László sn., Márta's grandfather), in Egrespatak (Aghireş), who is 90 years old. All the family members came to celebrate this event together. Children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren were together on Saturday, and we had a good meeting together.
I preached in the local church (Zalău) on Thursday, and for Sunday I went to visit the church in Szilágynagyfalu (Nuşfalău), and Szilágyperecsen (Pericei). We did this together with my wife and children. These churches are larger, 200-300 members... so, I preached to 10% of the Convention's membership...
The reason I visited them was because they don't have a pastor at the moment, and I had to calify with them some questions. In each church I had also a meeting with the leadership of the church. It was good to be with these large congregations. May the Lord of harvest provide for them good pastors!