2007. december 15., szombat

Good to be together

Two weeks past that I didn't write (in English) about our life here...

Everywhere we go, our decision to move forward is affecting the discussion. There are (un-understandable) joyful expectations at one side, and (un-understandable) sadness at the other.

Last week we had the founding meeting of the Mission Council of the Convention. We will try to set up useful proposals to the pastors, how we can help the mission work, especially the church planting ministry.

Then, at the end of last week I went to Salaj County. On Saturday there was the meeting of the Zalau Baptist Association in Crasna. I preached at closing of the meeting (2Sam 6:1-16. 20-23). In the same evening we had a "watcher" meeting at the house of Balla Zsiga papa in Pericei. His funeral was on Sunday, 9th December. I preached (from 2Cor 4:1-18) at the house, for several hundred people - my first public sermon in Pericei (the other sermons were in the church building). Than again, in the cemetery (Job 5:17-17). We also had the regular church services in the morning and at evening. The church in Pericei is preparing to have a celebration of 60 years from the foundation of the brass orchestra of the church... This will be on 23. December.

Monday and Tuesday I was teaching at the Seminaries in Oradea. On Wednesday we had a meeting with the representatives of the Romanian "Campus Crusade", in Hargita Christian Camp. (This is 390 km from Oradea.) On Wednesday I also had a program in Radio Cluj. Thursday I was preaching in Sangeorgiu de Padure at an evangelistic service. Two people remained back to pray, whishing to dedicate their life to the Lord. On Friday Mírjám had her birthday... So, our youngest girl is already 15...

Today we invited all the pastors and Sunday School teachers from Mures County to have a fellowship together. It was a blessed time, to pray together, and bring before the Lord all our desires and concerns. We came here only with my wife (and family), and now we were twenty people tohether, all pastors and Sunday School teachers! At the beginning of this meeting I read from Josh 17:14-18 - the desire of the sons of Joseph to have more blessings and larger inheritance, and the reply of Joshua to them to have new initiative and conquer the valleys and mountains all around. "There remains very much land yet to be possessed!" (Josh 13:1)

Tomorrow I will be here, in Targu Mures, while Kelemen Sándor will go to Gheorgheni. I am planning to have a meeting ("business meeting") with the members of the church (in Targu Mures), related with our situation. Please, continue to pray for us!