2008. október 25., szombat

Precious times

The precious times were the couple of days spent together with other coleagues and their wives in Sikonda, Hungary (near Pécs), the weddings in our church, and our recent visit to our former churches in Mures County (Apalina [near Reghin], Gornesti, Viforoasa, Rava, and Sangeorgiu de Padure).
Let me begin with the days in Hungary. It was like a conference, but more than that. We have real rest, and spiritual refreshment there. Here is the group photo of the participants:
Last Tuesday I was in Budapest also, for the meeting with editors of the Bible reading schedule. With some of the participants and with Eric and Rosemary from H4 we had a common photo:
Then, beginning with Wednesday we went to Mures. We visited Apalina Gipsy Church. Here we have eight baptized members already, but there are much more people coming. Here are two photos about the meeting:

After this, we had the evening service in Gornesti. The new building is a wonderful jewelry:
And the Congregation:
On the following day, Thursday we went to Viforoasa in the morning. The meeting was at Gábor Lajos' house. This is the church building in Viforoasa, at the moment:
And this is a part of the Congregation:

In the afternoon we had two services. On in Rava, an open-air service, because we didn't have a place where to meet. More than fifty people were gathered, children and adults:
This is a new beginning: there are no members yet. We were preaching in the sunshine:
Then, we closed out trip with a service in Sangeorgiu de Padure, in the evening. The new building is almost entirely ready:
The wonderful building is located near the Tarnava river (Tarnava Minor):

There is a baptismal service scheduled here for December. And the opening celebration is scheduled for March 29, 2009. You are cordially invited!

About the weddings - later.