2009. március 23., hétfő

Some news

A considerable time passed until may write again in English.
After the evangelistic weeks in the churches here we finished the course for Choir directors. 24 boys and girls had their "exam" on 1st March. In Varsolt (may smaller church) we had an evangelistic campaign immediately after then. I was invited to preach at some other services in Salard (13th March) and Aghires (15th March), and a group of young people accompanied me. Their ministry was very well received. Another important event was submitting my dissertation. The professors required one month for study, before my last exams. So, I am close to finalize this long process.
On March 6-8 we had the XV. TELEK meeting (Fellowship of pastors from Hungary and Romania, who are close to the border.) This is usually organized in such a way, that on Friday we have a plenary meeting, when we discuss different subjects/papers which are presented always by the guests, continuing on Saturday, in two groups (two locations). In the evenings the guests are invited to preach in different churches, having a closing, common service on Sunday. So, when we were in Nagyvarsány, Hugary, I had a presentation about the influence of democracy on our churches. (You may download it from theologos.ro .)This time, in Biharia, the subject was the revivals and their influence upon our churches, presented by the guests from Hungary, and pastor Sándor Bándi, who had worked more on this subject.
The pastors who were on the XV. TELEK conferences are on the pictures: the first one in Nagyvarsány, Hungary, the secong one in Biharia, Romania.

Through the help of David Greenaway, and the Pathhead Baptist Church in Scotland we were able to buy some Bibles. These were a very good help, just after the evangelistic weeks, when some people, who are interested, are coming to the church. There is a need for Bibles, and this is a good sign.

Please continue to pray for us, for the new friends, for our children, young people, ladies, widows and men, who all have different meetings during the week. Please pray for this weekend, when we will go to visit the churches in Mures, and opening the new church building in Sangeorgiu de Padure on 29th March. All the pastors from Szeklerland are invited, and hopefully the Choir and Brass Band of the church in Pericei will also be there.