2007. szeptember 29., szombat


Yesterday we came to Zalau, where we are celebrateing 100 years from the foundation of the Hungarian Baptist Church. We had a very warm and blessed prayer meeting on Saturday morning, praying in groups, and sharing whith each other how the Lord led us on the way until now. After the common lunch we all went out to the wood, in the nearby mountains. Late afternoon we had an open air service also. Previously I was asked to preach. So, I had my "Sermon on the Mount", based on Mat 13:30-31, about the Mustard Seed. The Kingdom of Heaven, and the Hungarian Baptist Church of Zalau started with a little seed, but grown up, and became a big tree. The potential is still there: we have the seed, and the promise, that His word will not come back fruitless. What is needed: people with vision, and dedication to do the work of the evangelist.

Tomorrow we will stay during the morning service, and we will move forward to Cluj, during the afternoon.

Johanna already installed herself in her rented room, in Cluj, where she will start her university studies. There are more items for prayer, regarding the future of our ministry and family-life. I will write about this later. Thank you for your prayers!