2008. november 8., szombat

Children and pastors

We had two special meetings this week.
First, we started the music-school with children, with the hope, that after finishing the theory we will be able to learn how to play mandolines, guitars and keyboards. I thought, some children (or their parents) will be interested in this - but the enthusiasm succeeded every expectations! There were 65 children present, and there are some more, who are going to join them!

So, we made four classes. Every week, Monday and Tuesday we will have our music-study with these four groups. This is also a tool for bringing these people to the Church, and teach them how to pray. (At each class all of them pray.) Next year some of them (the older ones) will be playing already these instruments, and their parents will also be there to see, how their children are singing for the Lord... Please, pray for these families!

Here are two pictures about the first meeting:

The other meeting was in Hungary, the XV. TELEK meeting, which is a joined fellowship of the Baptist pastors near the two sides of the border with Hungary. More than 40 pastors were present, from Hungary and Romania. My lecture on Friday morning was: "The influence of democracy upon our churches" and "How can we become the blessed of God in the midst of democracy". The written and audio version of this message will soon be available on www.theologos.ro (in Hungarian :)
Here is a group photo of the participants:
These pastors are preaching on Friday, Saturday and Sunday in Hungary. The next (XVI-th) meeting will be in Romania. Please pray for the ministry of these pastors, to be a clear and faithful testimony of the truth.