2008. november 1., szombat

Weddings and Special Services

Last Summer we had three weddings in our church.
These new couples remained members here. Let me share their photos:
Ferike and Noémi - Sanyi and Kati - József and Lídia -
Yesterday and today I was teaching at Szeklerland Biblie School, at Hargita Christian Camp. Johanna (our older daughter) was with me. This is the second and final year with this class. I was teaching Homiletics (= how to preach) for nine hours (in two days).
Tomorrow we will have our Thanksgiving Day here in Pericei and in Varsolt. In the morning we will have the Lord's Supper together. May the Lord bless us on these special services!
Monday I will be in Cluj for a funeral service. The pastor in Cluj (Bálint Pál) is in the hospital, recovering after a surgery. The family asked me to take this funeral service. I need your support in prayer.
There will be another funeral in Viforoasa. Please, pray for Bro. János Tőtős, because his ministry will be even harder there... May the Lord be gracious to His people!