2009. augusztus 8., szombat

Youth Camp - in Harghita

We almost finished the camping sessions (the music camp will end next week), and here I would like to make a little report about our latest youth camp, in Hargita.

We had a wonderful week, though now were much less participants than in other years. We were a little bit more than 30 people – but this didn’t affected the quality of our camping! At this time our group was responsible to organize the whole week. The main theme was: “On the way of sanctification”.

The secretary of the Youth Association was the chief leader:

The teaching was provided by different speakers -:)

Brother Ernő Veress was with us during the whole week. In the “Barnabas House” (part of the Hargita Camp facilities) disabled people had their own camping during this time as well. Brother Ernő with his wife, Anna, were involved in that too.

Other speakers were invited to speak - Zsolt Novák, a missionary in Gheorgheni, who came from Hungary to serve the Lord there:

Imre László, an IMB missionary in Ukraine visited us also and had a testimony:

The young people had their own testimonies each night. This is the testimony of Salomé Simon (who was quite a little girl when we moved to Tagu Mures in 1999!):

The singing was led by Debrenti Balázs (piano), Borzási Péter (guitar), Ferenczi Mari (Bass guitar), and the singers: Gyulai Gabitza, Tábita and Mírjám. The singing was great! This group really worked hard to lead our singing for the glory of God. Here are their pictures - Debrenti Balázs:

Borzási Péter:

Ferenczi Mari:

Gyulai Gabitza:

Borzási Tábita:

and Borzási Mírjám:

The group of singers, who led our worship:

The basic hymn of our camp was: “Lord, continue the good work in me, You, who started, finish it, what you planned for my life!”

Friday we had a trip to a hill, called “Csofronka”. We walked about five hours! Oh, I didn’t do this for a long time! And I am not going to repeat is soon...

On the way we met real sheeps and lambs:

We knew that it will be steep!

On the top the group had their lunch, and then walking the same route again.

A group photo on the top:

For Sunday I came home (I had to take part in two weddings, and then deliver the Lord’s supper Sunday morning.) The group had a mission trip to Odorheiu Secuiesc in the afternoon. Sándor Kelemen (from Bistrita!) was preaching.

The pictures were taken mostly by Zsolt Józsa:

Some couples were together more than usual… :)
(missing photo...)
The group photo: