2011. január 24., hétfő

Weekly Schedule

Yesterday we had the vote of confidence for all the people in the church who minister with the Word. It was a peaceful and useful meeting. We are going to have elections for leadership next Sunday.

This week we will have the Conference for Teaching and Preaching, on Thursday, Friday and Saturday. Gareth Crossley will be our main speaker.

Friday the pastors will have their nomination meeting here, so we will be together all day. Dorin Hnatiuc will have a lecture in Romanian, in the evening.

Next week I am going to preach each night in different places.

Monday: Marghita Hungarian Baptist Church
Tuesday: Executive and Council Meeting in Oradea
Wednesday: Crasna Hungarian Baptist Church
Thursday: Kiskapus Hungarian Baptist Church
Friday: Erked Hungarian Baptist Church
Saturday: Kémer Hungarian Baptist Church
Sunday: (Pericei and) Hadadnádasd Hungarian Baptist Church
The preching schedule will be very similar until the end of March.

Thank you for your prayers!