2009. május 3., vasárnap

Several important events

Yesterday we had a wedding service (Balla Szilárd and Ildikó), today is Mother's Day. Last Friday (1st May) we were in the nearby mointains with the young people and some other members of our church. We had a blessed day and a blessed time together.

Last week I was teaching two days in Oradea, at the Seminary. I was teaching Old Testament Theology. There are five students studying now in Oradea. One of them is from Varsolt, from our church.

We are planning to go to Ukraine next weekend (8-9-10 May), with the Brass band and Male Choir, about 25 people. Please pray for the Lord's protection and blessing on this trip, as we sing and preach in Uzhgorod, Mukachevo and Berehovo.

I had my most important exam on the 24th April in Cluj at the Reformed Faculty of the University of Cluj, when I defended my dissertation in the front of several professors... I hope, at the end of May I may have the public ceremony, and I will finish this stage of my study. I will let you know: you all are invited. :)

During Easter I visited the Romanian Brothers (they have a different time for Easter - 19-20 April), and I preached in Marca Baptist Church, in Romanian... It was good to meet old friends and Brothers, Sisters in Christ, who were my schoolmates in the late seventies.

We also had a Mission Conference in Pericei in our Church, on 17th April. There were about 150 people gathered from all our churches.

As we return from Ukraine, we will welcome David Greenaway from Edinburgh, who will preach in our churches here in Salaj, and in Mures as well. Thank you for your prayers!