2009. február 3., kedd

Egyre kevesebben kötnek házasságot

A nemzeti statisztikai hivatal jelentése szerint a házasságkötések száma aggasztóan megapadt, miközben a születések száma két százalékkal nőtt. Az adatok a tavaly augusztusi és szemptemberi feljegyzéseket hasonlították össze. Szeptemberben 18.331 házasságkötés volt, 10.820-al kevesebb, mint augusztusban, tehát kevéssel több, mint tíz házasságkötés ezer lakosra. Közben a születések ezer lakosra 11,5 százalékra nőttek (20.227 élve született), 1,315%-al több, mint augusztusban. Persze, a házasságkötések elmaradása miatt megnőtt a házasságon kívül született gyermekek száma.

Kissé javult az elválási statisztika: 2.225 házasságot bontottak fel, ami 838-al kevesebb, mint augusztusban. Ugyanez a helyzet megismétlődött egy évvel korábban is. Ami igazán elgondolkodtató, az, hogy a házasságok száma 2007-ben 3800-al csökkent, és 2008-ban ugyanilyen mértékben folytatódott a visszaesés! (Forrás: Gardianul.)

Egyre istentelenebbé válik tehát itthoni társadalmunk is: kevesebben kötnek házasságot, de többen költöznek össze, (ha összeköltöznek), bitang gyermekeknek adva életet...

Abigail Cleaver

In 1994 Abigail and Angus Cleaver with Jan and Phil Dunford founded The Cleaford Christian Trust, a Charity caring about Romania. First helping around Brasov and the Harghita Christian Camp, than beginning with 1999 the churches around Targu Mures: Magherani, Adrianu Mare, Gornesti, Cinta, Idrifaia, Sangeorgiu de Padure, Calimanesti, Viforoasa, Balauseri, Fantanele and Reghin(Apalina). The Charity supported the Sunday Schools, the Summer Camps, the purchasing of Church-buildings, its renovations, supporting the mission workers who are woring in these church plants. Abigail Cleaver was packing the boxes with the materials for Sunday Schools and Summer Camps, and these groups increased every year... If Abigail’s husband was the head of this Charity than she was its heart: she did everything so heartfully and lovongly, with continual interest and dedication that she gained many friends in this area of the world. She visited these churches in Mures County twice a year, and we feel an immense loss by accepting her absence from now on.

About five years ago Abigail was diagnosed with breast cancer, with secondaries in her jaw, liver, lungs and hips. The doctors said that no cure would be possible, but that they would work hard to control the disease. They realized that her family and her work were very important to her, and would do their best to enable her to carry on as long as possible.

In the summer of 2008 Abigail and Angus celebrated 40 years of happy marriage and teamwork, and her labors were recognized by the Queen with an invitation to a Buckingham Palace Garden Party. A group from The Cleaford Christian Trust, including Abigail, were our guests in Mures County, in the last days of October, visiting the church-plants. As we realize now, we listened Abigail's testimony for the last time.

After a long series of chemotherapies, and two sessions of radiotherapy, her consultant concluded that her body needed a rest from the onslaught just before last Christmas. But immediately after that the disease in her liver had progressed is such a way that no further treatment was appropriate.

Abigail Cleaver praying with her many friends

Her family was able to gather in Farnham from Sweden and Siberia where they live, and Abigail passed her last days at home watching her four grandchildren play around her. Having said her goodbyes, she slipped away peacefully in her sleep at the Phyllis Tuckwell Hospice early on the morning of January 31st, 2009, having, in her own words, “had a good innings”.

The opening service of the new building of Sangeorgiu de Padure Baptist Church will be on 29th March. On that day we are going to have a special memorial time, when Abigail’s life and ministry will be remembered. During the previous days in Brasov will be organized a special service. At Farnham Baptist Church, where she was a members, a (second) special memorial service will be on 23rd May. To all these services everyone is cordially invited.

Abigail had two specific requests: that there should be no black at the funeral, and that in lieu of flowers any donations should come to the Trust, with the hope to fund a project in Romania that will serve as a memorial to her.

Abigail, we will meet you in the Glory!
Good bye, at the Savior's side!

Abigail Cleaver in Sangeorgiu de Padure Baptist Church, October 2008.