2008. április 23., szerda

The Mission is Going On - PTL!

This weekend a Youth Conference is organized here in Pericei. About 400 young people were officially registered, but we had some non-registered visitors, and our own youth group (about 60 people), so we were close to 500 today. The theme of the Conference is "The Measure is the Value" - which is a word-play in Hungarian (Az Érték a Mérték). We had first a lecture about the material things, today another one about entertainment, and tomorrow I will speak about behaviour. This is the banner of the Conference: Tonight 65 people came forward! Yes! The Lord blessed us so much!

Let me repeat here some other information, which some of you already know, from other sources.

Monday I will teach in Oradea, and for Tuesday I will go to Hargita Christian Camp for a meeting. This is Ortodox Easter, so there is no teaching at Emanuel University.

This week we had also a funeral service - the fourth one while I am here. Let me share with you some more news from Mures County (my former place of ministry), as I partially from pastor Tőtős János.

The Lord blessed the "Summer of the soul" (= Winter) with new candidates for baptism. Two people from Fintinele and 6-7 from Sangeorgiu de Padure are waiting their turn to confess their faith and repentance in the water of baptism. At the moment they have preparation courses every Sunday evening.

Szekeres Gizella had a heart-operation some years ago. Her husband permitted for her to attend the church services, even so, now he is coming with her.

The Balázs family, Balázs Mihály and his wife, Balázs Lajos (Mihály's brother) and his wife, and their old and sick mother Juliánna, are also candidates for baptism. The old mother needed a wheelchair, since she is not able to come to the church alone.

Another candidate is a medical nurse, Eszter, a coworker with Morar Erzsébet in the Hospital in Sangeorgiu de Padure. Erzsébet is the wife of the elder of the church.

From the Fintinele Rostas Demeter and his wife Katalin, a young couple are ready for baptism. We rejoice in their dedication to the Lord. Their little doughter has a dislocated hip, and we prayed for her many times in the prayer meetings. She is now better. The parents ar ging to Hungary for work, coming home for the date of the baptism. In Fantanele there are for members now, and these two new candidates for baptism.

The Balazs family is also working in Hungary, except those who are taking care of their mother. They are also waiting for the date of baptism.

The baptism is planned for June (Probably 8th June), in the not-ready-yet church building.

We pray that the Lord may provide employment for this poor people, to remain home, not need to go far from their family and Church, to get a living.

We are preparing the Camps for this Summer, planning to have all-together five sessions of eight days each! Three groups will be of about 40 children each, two other groups will be of 80 children and young people each. The cost of these Camps is still a matter of prayer: the promised help for these camps are not yet covering the needs.

At the new church building in Sangeorgiu de Padure the insolation of the ceiling is ready. But as the weather perimits, the external walls has to be insolated, which is a very expensive work. At the entrance a vestibule is going to be built, than the floor has to be done, the candelabers and heating elements must be installed. Than the toilettes, the stairs and all the same work in the back-rooms must be done (insolations and floor), and than the arangament of the yard and fence around the building... So, there is still much work to be done.

There is a Mission Conference to be held (for the first time), for all the pastors and church workers on 24th May. This will be in Oradea, with the subject: How to continue the Hungarian Baptist Mission in Transylvania? The leaders asked as speakers pastor Ernest Veress sen., and me. This will be an important meeting, setting up the necessary guidelines for the future of our churches.

"For the love of Christ compels us, because we judge thus: that if One died for all, then all died; and He died for all, that those who live should live no longer for themselves, but for Him who died for them and rose again." (2Cor 5:14-15)

Thank you for praying for the Hungarian Baptist Mission in Romania!