2008. március 16., vasárnap

New developments

After arriving back from Prague, I had another trip, back to Targu Mures. At this time I went with the whole family, except Johanna (she came one day later), and visited some of the churches together with our friends from The Cleaford Christian Trust. We are still involved in the mission work there, though I have only one or two trips per month to this area. We were the guests of my mother in law, who is living there.
In Gornesti we had our first meeting. Though the heating is not operating yet, there was warm enough to have a wonderful service. Dr. Floyd Parker was preaching. He is leading Teleios Ministry, which is supporting Attila Tóth from Reghin. The new building in Gornesti is slowly getting its final shape. This year the investment must be for arranging the floor, and build some annexes in the backyard. Attila has to leave the apartament he was renting, and must move, probably, to our apartament in Targu Mures. (Sándor Kelemen is living in the pastoral house of Targu Mures.)

In Fantanele we went to see the house, which is available (for sale), for a new church-building... The location is very good, but the house needs some repairment. We are praying to be able to buy this house - planning to pay the first amount in two weeks. The entire price is around 15000 GBP (30.000 USD). Please, pray for this need! The young church there needs a proper meeting place!
We stopped in Viforoasa for a service at the Gábor Gypsies, and than in Sangeorgiu de Padure. The church in Sg. de Padure is progressing well with the new building: the external insolation is on half way. The plan is to open the new building officially this year. The pastor's wife Erzsébet Tőtős provided us a delicious supper after the service. The church was full. The children had a separate picture with Márta... (She was their Sunday School Teacher for a time, after the church was refounded.)
Please, pray for the continuation of the church planting mission work in Mures County! Please, pray for the planned purchase of the church building in Fantanele! Please pray for proper meeting places in Balauseri, Calimanesti, and a future Chapel in Viforoasa.