2007. december 1., szombat

Not yet

Last week I was teaching in Oradea, two days, than one more day I spent in Zalau at the Music committee. Today (Saturday) we had a Conference at Hargita Christian Camp. There we elected a new president and a new vicepresident for the Szeklerland Baptist Association. Gyula Borzási is the new president and Ernest Veress jr. is the vice president. The other three leaders remained the same: Zoltán Kiss (secretary), Zoltán Máté (treasurer) and János Tőtős (member).
Tomorrow I will be in Pericei, with the whole family. We will leave quite early, at 6:00, to be there at 9:00. About this I will tell you more later.
Next week we are planning to have a meeting on Tuesday in Aghires, near Zalau, which will be the founding meeting of the Mission Committee. Please pray for this new start, where we will try to set up and state a vision (a strategy) for the Hungarian baptist mission in our country: partherships, helping church-planting and building projects, radio and casette ministry, and start to develop a handbook about the practices of the baptist churches and a job description of the pastor.