2007. december 22., szombat


Last days everything was a preparation: to be ready for Christmas...
We will travel tomorrow morning to Pericei, and there we will stay three days... So, we have to get up again at 5 o'clock!
The brass orchestra of the church in Pericei is going to celebrate tomorrow 60 years from its foundation.
I preached many sermons this week. Beside the regular preaching schedule I tried to finalize all the programmes for the Radio in 2008. I am ready for Radio Cluj (19 sermons), and four other sermons for Voice of the Gospel Radio (Cluj and Sibiu). In 2008 two other radios offered to broadcast half hour programmes, if I will prepare them. So, I have to continue to work more on this area.
We had a wonderful time together, tonight! (This was OUR Christmas!) The Lord blessed us in many ways during this year.
May the Lord give to you all a Christmas full of Joy, and a Blessed New Year!