2009. szeptember 18., péntek

Youth Conference pictures

Let me share some more pictures about the Youth Conference.
This is big "thanks" for those involved in organizing it or running it well. First, here is our Youth leader, Józsa Norbert. He did most of the preparations. Then Deák Zsolt, the secretary of the Youth Association (student in the Seminary, a former student of EMF), together with Bántó Zoltán (alias: Maci), were a real help during the Conference.
The invited speakers - first, Mike Sámuel, from Kecskemét. He is not only a gifted preacher, he is a blessed singer of the Lord as well. There was a time, when we both were pastors of the same church, in Cluj... Well, almost. Because when he was coming, I was already going (to Targu Mures)... But when we invited him, we didn't know yet that what the future holds for both of us. On Saturday we had also Kis Juhász Vilmos speaking about "The World of Music" (pastor in Gherla). In the evening, pastor Veress Efraim was preaching (from Viisoara, BH) an evangelistic sermon. On that evening 16 young people gave their life to Jesus Christ. We were praying together until midnight.
Now, let have the pictures here of the musicians and singers:
Debrenti Balázs, from Camar, who played the Piano. Dimény István, from Crasna, played the Saxofon. Both Balázs and István were the "specialists" in giving the right flavor of a dinamic singing. Their humble and simple ministry was a blessing to all of us. Hajas Öcsi, also from Crasna, played the Guitar (12 strings). He played the guitar last year also, at the Conference here. Borzási Péter, from Harghita Christian Camp (Brasov), played the main Guitar (6 strings). Surely he was the other "specialist" in leading the songs. Józsa Roland was in charge with the Bass Guitar. Here are the singers. From left to right - Domokos Berti, from Pericei. Józsa Adrienn - from Simleu. [Andienn is a siter of Roland, and a friend of Berti :)] Next to them was Mírjám singing. Together with Adrienn - this was the Soprano. Basically the Soprano is the most important, isn't it? They did a very good job. And Tábita was singing Alto. So, this was the group which was leading the songs. Song-leading is a very important part in a Youth Conference. Yes, and Boncidai Hortenzia was in charge with projecting the songs from the computer.
Several more people were doing also a very important work:
The young people at the registration table did a wonderful job!
And the ladies (mostly parents) in the kitchen...
We are grateful for the many families who received 8, or 10, or even more guests, for three nights... They were working hard, as well.
I just hear today, that in another church near Cluj there will be another Youth Conference in October, with the same subject. To God be the glory for every blessing!