2009. július 12., vasárnap

Valea Moaşei

Near Sibiu, on a valley which goes into the mountains after Tălmaciu, just behind the village Sebişu de Sus, we are camping with about 50 children. Three american ladies together with Attila Tóth and my family members are leading this camp, which is harder than the other camps... All the children are coming from Apalina (district of Reghin), from disordered families. Some of the fathers are in prison. Some are orphans. They are more aggressive than children from normal families. But the situation is much better than three years ago! Some of the children have a real desire to follow Jesus, and have their life changed. They are praying regularly for their family members and friends. The grace of God is offered to these Gypsy children also. God is really working among them. See their faces:

Some carpenters came from Gornesti to build one new wooden house, as an extension of the camp buildings: Sánta József, Réti Attila and Bondor Csaba. In the lower right corner is also the picture of the teachers.
May the Lord help all of them to finish their task well!