2008. január 19., szombat

Homiletics, Onions and Decisions

All pastors and mission workers were together Monday in Hargita Christian Camp. It was a good time, when we discussed about evangelism: how we prepare these services and the church? After lunch each of us presented their situation, and we prayed for each other. I arrived home late evening. (About my visits to Reghin and Gornesti last Sunday, you may see some pictures in my previous Hungarian posts. And about Targu Mures' Church.)

Tuesday we had the Executive meeting of the Convention. Then I went to Pericei, and slept there. Wednesday morning I went to the church and pastoral house, than I made a contract in Zalau with Romtelecom, to provide Internet at the pastoral house in Pericei... Again, I arrived to Targu Mures late evening.
On Thursday I preached in Idrifaia. It was good to see the church, again.

Friday: teaching Hermeneutics at Szeklerland Bible School (in Hargita Christian Camp). Saturday I had a relatively free day: writing letters and organizing my things. We are in the process of packing everything in banana-boxes and other boxes... We have two more weeks for this.

Also, we are preparing for the largest baptism we ever had during the last nine years: there are at least 20 candidates. We have to bring more white robes - as usual - to have for everybody. Two buses will bring the people to the city from Apalina and Ocna de Sus. We expect to have all the pastors here for this celebration.

My Homiletic (How to preach) course will be published by a proper Publisher. Each pastor will have a copy, the Seminary students, and some more for those, who are preaching God's Word. This is an important step in my academic progress: I was working on this book beginning with 1994.
On the cover will be the picture of the statue of Daniel Rowland (without me!) - the great preacher of the great Revival in Wales. I was fascinated by his dedication and success in his preaching ministry.

During my pastoral ministry I served in three important villages: Moldovenesti (Várfalva), Chibed (Kibéd), and now Pericei (Szilágyperecsen). What is common in these villages? Onion! Yes, they all are famos of their original, delicious onions! Pericei got a Certificate last year from Guiness Book, because they woved together a twine of onion 3.8 miles long!!

This is the sight of the Turda Canyon, near Moldovenesti

Tomorrow I will be in Pericei, again. Please, pray for the meeting we are going to have after the morning service, electing a new leadership for the church.

Next week, Monday and Tuesday I will teach in Oradea: there are exams planned for all classes.

Also next week, on Friday will be an important meeting for the pastors: we will decide the location of the Seminary, and the future of the building plan in Cluj. For this we adviced the churches to give the day of Wednesday for prayer and fasting, seeking the Lord's guidance.