2008. április 5., szombat

Congress - with a major decision

Today we had our usual Congress meeting in Cluj, with all the delegates of our churches. The major decision was, with unanimity (maybe one or two abstaining), that we will start to build the building in Cluj, on the property donated by the local church in Cluj, and purchased nearby by the other Churches in 1997-1998.

This is a major decision, which will affect the future of the Mission, Churches and Seminary. Please, pray for the Lord's will in this matter!

The decision is referring to an investment, made by somebody, who will build the building on the land provided by us, and will use it a couple of years, to recover the investment. Afer the entire recovery of the investment the whole property will return to the use of the Convention. This may take five, ten or more years, maybe. But it seems that from the beginning the Convention will have a level (or a part of it), for its own use, which is very promising.

There are other promising news: the number of churches increased to 250 in our Convention. The number of the membership went over 9000 - for the first time in the last 15 years. There is a sustaining growth, beginning with 2002, with 50-100 members each year. We had again more than 300 baptisms last year. Praise the Lord!

In my report I made knowm the initiative to start a partnership link between the larger churches in the North and the smaller churches in the South. We are planning to have a Mission Conference in May, to finalize this work. We hope, this will help the church planting work so urgent in Szeklerland.

The closing sermon was delivered by Oti Bunaciu, the president of the Romania Baptist Union. We also are part of this Union, being in fellowship with the Romanian brothers and sisters.

There was another major concern, related with the Old People's Home in Salard: the building is for sale, and for the Home is necessary to continue to function, and we need to buy that building! The price is enormous - as it can be seen already: about 100 RON/member (30 Euro/member). We need help in this matter also, to be able to purchase that building for the Old People's Home in Salard.

Some other prayer items:
We had the funeral of Márta Vass, the wife of the pastor in Arad. The funeral was in Targu Mures. I preached shortly in Romanian. Many pastor-families and other church members came from all over the country to take part in this ervice. Pastor Gergely Vass is our vicepresident for communications. There are three girls remaining back, two of the being married. Please pray for the grieving family!

Next week (Wednesday morning) I will have a lecture in Biharkeresztes, Hungary, about the history of the Hungarian Baptists in Transylvania. Please pray for this important meeting with a mixed audience!
The Music Committee will have its two days meeting in Zalau. I will arraive back to its end. Their work is also important.
Friday afternoon I will teach Hermeneutics in Hargita Bible School. Saturday the Baptist Churches in Hungary will have their elective Congress. Please, pray for them also!
Have a blessed Sunday!