2008. november 16., vasárnap

Choir from Transcarpathia - Ukraine

A group of 34 young people visited us last week, beginning with Thursday, until Sunday. This is a part of the Central Youth Choir of the Baptist Churches from the Transcarpathian Region, Ukraine. Their leader was Nehro Valentyn, the pastor from Berehovo.

They were singing and preaching in eight churches all together, in four days. The people received us warmly, and the Lord blessed their ministry. These are serious Christians, serving the Lord faithfully. They were the guests of our church here, housed at different families, in Pericei. The supper was served at the churches, where we closed our trip on that day: in Borla, Pericei, Nusfalau and Crasna. We also served in Guruslau, Camar and Zalau as well. Thank you, Brothers and Sisters, for the warm welcome everywhere!

On 30th November I am planning to visit Transcarpathia again, taking part in the ordination of two deacons and visiting the new church in Uzhgorod. My wife and the pastor from Bistrita is going to join me.

There are 3 million people living in Transcarpathia. In the western part (near the border with Hungary) there are 120.000 Hungarians (twice more than in Salaj County, where I live now.) But, there are only 200 Baptists in eight small churches! (In Salaj there are more than 3000.) So, the need is great!

May the Lord bless His Word as it is preached in this area of the world!